Mission 使命

  1. Advocate "a respectful, living rights" for the group of ASD and LD children and adults;
  2. Utilize social resources to assist ASD and LD affected families;
  3. Guide parents and related family members to face and solve problems with a positive view;
  4. Through support from membership, and useful information exchange,to assist ASD and LD family to have a strong and healthy attitude, and help their children to face the challenges in each developmental stage.


  1. 倡導自閉症症候群及學習障礙者「有尊嚴的生存權利」。
  2. 善用社會資源,協助自閉症症候群及學習障礙者的家庭。
  3. 輔導家長們正視及解決問題的正確的觀念。
  4. 藉由會員間相互的扶持以及正確的知識傳遞,協助家長建立堅強的內心素質,正確的幫助孩子們在每一個成長階段所面臨的考驗。

Goals 目標

  1. Work with Chinese charitable and other related organizations organizations to promote series of activities in theme of "Caring for ASD and LD Group".
  2. Host professional seminars of medical, special education, psychological assistance and social charitable topics.
  3. Provide latest information to parents.
  4. Establish an information and resource center for ASD and LD families.
  5. Produce a series of videos for Chinese AD and LD families and the caring society.
  6. Publish related books and periodicals.
  1. 結合華人社區相關公益團體,共同推廣「關懷自閉症症候群及學習障礙者」系列活動。
  2. 定期舉辦醫療、特教、心理以及社會福利等專業座談會。
  3. 提供家長最新相關資訊。
  4. 建立自閉症症候群及學習障礙孩子及其家庭的信息和資訊中心。
  5. 拍攝一系列華裔宣導短片。
  6. 出版有關自閉症症候群及學習障礙書籍,及其他相關刊物。