About Us


一群參加BEP優質大腦計劃的家長們,有鑒於全球自閉症症候群(ASD)的人口數,從1996年入學登記的學童每500人就有一個,至2009年每 150個學童就有一個的逐年激增;全美國學習障礙(LD) 的族群,至今已占總人口的10%弱。其中華裔家庭不在少數。這群自閉症症候群及學習障礙者的爸爸媽媽,自2009年三月,結合數十位社會關懷人士,共同發起籌備【自閉症症候群及學習障礙關懷協會】,英文名稱為─ASD Care Network 。並於2010年4月2日【世界自閉症日】,也就是4月【世界自閉症月】的第二天,正式成立。


Purpose of Establishment

This organization is initiated by a group (BEP) of parents with Autistic or Learning Disability children. According to official statistics, the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) population is rapidly increasing. In 1996, among the registered school age children, there is 1 out of every 500 children with ASD; until year 2009, this number has increased to 1 out of 150. In U.S. , the LD (Learning Disabilities) population has increased to 10% of the total population. As a main minority group in U.S. , a lot of Chinese families are also affected. Therefore, starting from March 2009, a group of parents bearing in mind ASD and LD children as they have, launched this organization--- ASDnetwork.org. Upon April 2nd, 2010, World Autism Day, also the second day of World Autism Month, ASD Care Network is formally established.


Message from the President Christine Wang 會長姜文淑感性致詞